Design Diary:: 4th of July Fireworks

Hello my lovely readers! Today is the second day of my blogging every weekday for the next 2 weeks. It's to make up for being such a terrible blogger for 4 weeks. I hope you don't get too sick of me! :P

My camera has a Firework setting on it and the neighbors 2 cottages down were doing some fireworks. I got some pretty cool pictures I thought I'd share with you! :)

Feel free to use them if you want to! 


  1. Those pics are so cool! I've never used the fireworks setting! And don't worry about being a little less present for the last few weeks, blog when it feels right for you! :)


  2. Beautiful shots! I mean to take pictures of fireworks every year but one really got around to it one time. They didn't turn out nearly as well as these though! Great job!



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