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To get started on finding am internship for a summer, I purchased the Intern Queen's book All Work, No Pay. One of the first things on the list is to make your dream list of all possible internships. I decided to design a chart that people can print off to make their own dream list. 

Girlier Version                                   Regular Version

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New Years Resolutions

This year I really want to make sure I don't just sit around and let life pass by like I always used to. I would just sit and wait for something good to happen with my life instead going out and doing things. 

One of my first goals is to start blogging more often and doing more graphic design work for people like designing blogs and things like that. I will also have to learn more about web design because I haven't taken any classes on it yet.

Another goal I have is to work on finding a job or at least some way to make money. I also want to find an internship for this summer. I would love to find one in New York, my dream internship is Seventeen magazine. If I don't get an internship in New York then I want to at least visit New York City sometime this year.

Third, I really want to work on coming out of my shell. I have always struggled with being shy and it is really starting to affect me. I have friends, but it seems like all of the friends I make never really want to do anything with me.

My last goal is to et my drivers license. I'm 20 years old and I still haven't gotten my license yet. I have always made resolutions but I have never stuck to them. I really want to work on achieving all of my resolutions by the end of  next year. 


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